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Format: CD
Artist: The Flower Kings
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The Flower Kings Waiting For Miracles Roine Stolt 2CD
The Flower Kings magnificent 2019 return featuring a revamped line-up and an album of 'pure Prog Rock with boatloads of vintage keyboards.'
The line-up Roine Stolt, Hasse Fröberg, Zach Kamins, Jonas Reingold and Mirko DeMaio recorded  at RMV studio - a vintage studio space owned by ABBA star Benny Andersson.
Waiting For Miracles harks back to the joyful and playful style that made TFK famous in the late 1990’s while also offering a fresh perspectives on the band’s signature sound. 
Special double CD edition in digipak.
CD 1
1. House Of Cards 1:55
2. Black Flag 7:37
3. Miracles For America 9:54
4. Vertigo 10:02
5. The Bridge 5:17
6. Ascending To The Stars 5:32
7. Wicked Old Symphony 5:39
8. The Rebel Circus 5:45
9. Sleep With The Enemy 5:48
10. The Crowning Of Greed 4:51
CD 2
1. House Of Cards Reprise 1:20
2. Spirals 5:04
3. Steampunk 6:21
4. We Were Always Here 7:36
5. Busking At Brobank 0:52