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Stumm Film: Live From Hamburg
Artist: Long Distance Calling
Format: cd/blu-ray

Taken from the band’s Seats & Sounds tour, Long Distance Calling deliver ..
Infinite Regress
Artist: Colin Edwin
Format: cd
Availability: 24-01-2020
With a nod to bass-heavy Ambient Electronica - somewhere between New Order and Massive Attack..
Reconstructions And Recycling
Artist: Bass Communion
Format: cd

A repress of the Bass Communion remix album from 2003, with additional mixes from the time on dis..
Commissions 2
Artist: Blaine L. Reininger
Format: cd
Availability: 29-11-2019
A sequel to Commissions (2014), Commissions 2 is a double cd collection of soundtrack recordings ..
Lost In The Ghost Light
Artist: Tim Bowness
Format: cd
Availability: 20-12-2019
Tim Bowness's ambitious concept album from 2017 (Top 10 in the UK Rock, Vinyl and Prog charts). ..
Worlds Of Yesterday (a retrospective, 1971-1992)
Artist: Moonshot
Format: cd
Availability: 17-01-2020
Curated and annotated by Tim Bowness, Worlds Of Yesterday (1971-1992) is ..
Mental Mutations
Artist: Telepath
Format: cd
Availability: 08-11-2019
Jacob Holm-Lupo’s newest side project mines his love for Doom Metal and 1980s synth Horror soundt..
The Slow Rush
Artist: Tame Impala
Format: cd
Availability: 14-02-2020
The follow-up to the all-conquering Currents, The Slow Rush is the fourth album from acclaimed Au..
Between The Atoms (Signed single)
Artist: Antimatter
Format: cd

CD single of Between The Atoms by Antimatter, taken from the album Black Market Enlightenment. ..
Black Market Enlightenment (signed)
Artist: Antimatter
Format: cd/dvd

Antimatter's acclaimed 2018 studio release.   CD/DVD (PAL Region 0, 2.0 Stereo) edit..
The Jewel In The Lotus
Artist: The Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet
Format: cd
Availability: 08-11-2019
A 25th anniversary edition of the Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet's debut album The Jewel I..
The Path
Artist: Paul Nagle
Format: cd-r

The first release of Paul Nagle's The Path since its original cassette issue in 1984.   ..
Artist: Pink Floyd
Format: boxset

All 14 of Pink Floyd's studio albums in one stunning 16-disc box set.   Includes 201..
One Nation Under A Groove
Artist: Funkadelic
Format: cd
Availability: 22-11-2019
Funkadelic's all-time great 1978 album with three bonus tracks.    Mid-price CD..
Angels Egg
Artist: Gong
Format: cd
Availability: 22-11-2019
Charly label edition of Part 2 of Gong's wonderful 'Radio Gnome Invisible' trilogy featuring a 20..
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