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Sex Power
Artist: Vangelis
Format: vinyl
Availability: 22-03-2019
One of Vangelis’s earliest (and rarest) recordings, Sex Power is a superb soundtrack from 1970. ..
Fables And Dreamsongs (A Golden Book Of Experimental Ballads) - from 2010 - was released on ..
Model Village
Artist: Bill Nelson
Format: cd

2011's Model Village is an instrumental album released on the Sonoluxe label issued in a single p..
Theatre Of Falling Leaves
Artist: Bill Nelson
Format: cd

2009's Theatre Of Falling Leaves is a Bill Nelson instrumental album issued on the Sonoluxe label..
Non-Stop Mystery Action
Artist: Bill Nelson
Format: cd

2009's Non-Stop Mystery Action is a Bill Nelson instrumental album issued on the Sonoluxe label i..
Picture Post
Artist: Bill Nelson
Format: cd

Recorded in 2007, Picture Post is an instrumental album created from a soundtrack Bill ..
Cloud About Mercury
Artist: David Torn
Format: cd

2019 CD in card sleeve edition of David Torn's essential 1986 release Cloud About Mercury. &n..
The Guitar And Other Machines (clear/silver)
Artist: The Durutti Column
Format: vinyl

An expanded double vinyl edition of The Guitar And Other Machines, the sixth studio album by The ..
The Blue Years Studio Albums 1985-1987
Artist: Tangerine Dream
Format: boxset
Availability: 22-02-2019
A 2019 4 CD set gathering together remastered editions of four studio albums recorded by Tangerin..
Artist: Richard Barbieri
Format: vinyl

Variants.1+2 is the first in a vinyl series presenting disparate pieces of music from past and cu..
The Wood (limited wooden box set)
Artist: Paul Haig
Format: t-shirt

A limited edition of Paul Haig's The Wood (100 hand finished copies) in a bespoke wooden box incl..
Artist: Aphrodite's Child
Format: vinyl

Aphrodite's Child’s astonishing concept LP 666 - from 1972 - is a masterpiece of Progressive and ..
Artist: Tangerine Dream
Format: vinyl

Tangerine Dream's stunning studio release from 1976 on 180g vinyl in gatefold (2012 reissue). ..
Liquid Geometries
Artist: Bluetech
Format: cd

2018’s Liquid Geometries sees Bluetech exploring shifting landscapes of melodic, sequenced lines ..
ClearLight / Void
Artist: Alejandro Morse
Format: cd-r

A beautiful, extremely limited edition EP by Mexican ambient musician Alejandro Morse (aka E..
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