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Artist: Katatonia
Format: cd/blu-ray
Availability: 08-06-2018
2018 mid-price CD/Blu-Ray edition of the 2014 Katatonia concert film taken from the band's Unplug..
Universal - Fan's Edition
Artist: Anathema
Format: blu-ray

An HD concert film by Lasse Hoile which superbly documenting Anathema's one-off performance at th..
How The West Was Won 2018 Remaster
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Format: blu-ray

How The West Was Won highlights the best performances from Led Zeppelin’s legendary con..
Fish Out of Water (Limited Edition)
Artist: Chris Squire
Format: boxset
Availability: 27-04-2018
A limited boxset edition of Yes founder Chris Squire’s extraordinary 197..
Arriving Somewhere - 2018
Artist: Porcupine Tree
Format: cd/blu-ray

A 2018 Kscope label 2CD/Blu-Ray edition of Porcupine Tree’s Arriving Somewher..
Brave (Deluxe CD edition)
Artist: Marillion
Format: boxset

A deluxe 4cd/1blu-ray boxset edition of Marillion's sprawling 1994 concept album, Brave..
The New Director’s Cut
Artist: Yes
Format: dvd

Yes - The New Director’s Cut - features behind-the-scenes footage and unreleased&n..
Wuthering Nights: Live In Birmingham
Artist: Steve Hackett
Format: blu-ray

On May 1st, 2017, at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham, Steve Hackett and his band we..
A 40th Anniversary super deluxe edition of Rush's enduring Progressive classic A Farewe..
Get All You Deserve
Artist: Steven Wilson
Format: cd/blu-ray

A 2017 2CD/Blu-ray edition of Steven Wilson's Get All You Deserve in media book packaging with a ..
Black Sea
Artist: XTC
Format: cd/blu-ray

Black Sea is the fifth in a series of expanded XTC album reissues, including 5..
Sailors’ Tales (1970 – 1972)
Artist: King Crimson
Format: boxset

**This boxset will be shipped by courier. Save on postage costs by ordering anything else separat..
Three Piece Suite
Artist: Gentle Giant
Format: cd/blu-ray

Three Piece Suite follows the highly successful reissues of The Power And The Glory and Octopus, ..
Live At Pompeii Deluxe
Artist: David Gilmour
Format: boxset

45 years after David Gilmour filmed Live At Pompeii with Pink Floyd, he returned for two spectacu..
Live At Pompeii
Artist: David Gilmour
Format: blu-ray

45 years after David Gilmour filmed Live At Pompeii with Pink Floyd, he returned for two spectacu..
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