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Hugh Cornwell Anthology - Aberdeen Acoustic dvd
Recorded at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen in December 2013, this typically engaging acoustic performance by Hugh Cornwell includes a song from every official Stranglers album up to 1990 and every HC solo album, and features material running from Rattus Norvegicus IV in 1977 through to Totem & Taboo in 2012. 
DVD (PAL, Region 0) in digipak.
1. Goodbye Toulouse
2. No More Heroes
3. Nice And Sleazy
4. Nuclear Device
5. Thrown Away
6. Golden Brown
7. Midnight Summer Dream
8. Souls
9. Mayan Skies
10. Out Of My Mind
11. Decadence
12. The Story Of He And She
13. Snapper
14. The Big Sleep
15. Land Of A Thousand Kisses
16. Slow Boat To Trowbridge
17. I Want One Of Those