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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Hugh Cornwell
CatNo: HISV102
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Hugh Cornwell Beyond Elysian Fields vinyl

Exclusive to Burning Shed, a remastered 180g black vinyl edition of Hugh Cornwell's 2004 studio album, produced by Tony Visconti.

'Tony Visconti's production brings an economy and grace to the material, the best of which is light, and enchanting. Acoustic and slightly trippy - a bit like Golden Brown, or Don't Bring Harry with the menace excised. A delight.' - Pat Gilbert (MOJO)

‘Containing that sardonic sense of humor and unmistakable voice, Cornwell's songwriting ventures into all sorts of unexpected territory.’ - The Hamilton Spectator

Land of a Thousand Kisses
Do Right Bayou
Under her Spell
Beauty on the Beach
The Story of Harry Power
Picked up by the Wind
I Don’t Mind
Henry Moore
Produced by Tony Visconti at Looking Glass NYC and Danny Kadar at Truck Farm New Orleans Engineered by Danny Kadar and Mario McNulty Mixed by Tony Visconti
Production Co-ordination Joe D’ambrosio Remastered by Barry Grint at Alchemy Mastering
All songs written by Hugh Cornwell
Published & Copyright 2019 HIS Records Ltd/Hugh Cornwell/MCPS
Front cover photographs: Steve Double and Danny Kadar Sleeve Design: Hugh Cornwell
Vinyl Sleeve artwork: Nick Stone
Hugh Cornwell uses Rotosound strings
Special thanks to Tony Kinson
Hugh Cornwell:
All vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Keyboards on ‘Land of a Thousand Kisses’ & ‘Picked up by the Wind’.
Toy piano on ‘Henry Moore’ Handclaps on ‘Beauty on the Beach’
Steve Lawrence:
Bass guitar Organ on ‘24/7’ & ‘Do Right Bayou’ Piano on ‘I Don’t Mind’
Windsor McGilvray:
Drums & Percussion
Tony Visconti:
Grossba and Blockfloten bass recorders on ‘Cadiz’ & ‘Henry Moore’
Orchestral castanets on ‘Cadiz’ Handclaps on ‘Beauty on the Beach’
Scott Bourgeois:
Flutes on ‘Beauty on the Beach’ & ‘The Story of Harry Power’