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Format: CD
Artist: Hugh Cornwell
CatNo: HISD108
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Hugh Cornwell Live At The Vera cd
Live at the Vera - recorded in Groningen, Holland - features powerful performances of the entirety of Hugh's 2012 solo album Totem And Taboo and the Stranglers' 1977 classic No More Heroes.
This 2016 edition features new packaging and artwork and is presented in a double digipak.
CD 1 - Totem And Taboo:
1) Totem And Taboo
2) The Face
3) I Want One Of Those
4) Stuck In Daily Mail Land
5) Bad Vibrations
6) God Is A Woman
7) Love Me Slender
8) Gods Guns And Gays
9) A Street Called Carroll
10) In The Dead Of Night
CD 2 - No More Heroes / Encores:
1) I Feel Like A Wog
2) Bitching
3) Dead Ringer
4) Dagenham Dave
5) Bring On The Nubiles
6) Something Better Change
7) No More Heroes
8) Peasant In The Big Shitty
9) Burning Up Time
10) English Towns
11) School Mam
12) Strange Little Girl
13) Nerves Of Steel
14) Nice N' Sleazy
Vocals / Electric Guitar - Hugh Cornwell
Keyboards / Bass Guitar - Steve Fishman
Drums - Chris Bell