Price: £18.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Sand Snowman (feat Judy Dyble)
CatNo: TF182
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Sand Snowman Seven Sisters Seven Seas Judy Dyble Fairport
Seven Sisters Seven Seas sees Sand Snowman return to the pastoral Psyche Folk of his early work.
Moonswift, Amandine Ferrari Fradejas and folk legend Judy Dyble - with whom Sand co-wrote the album’s closer Sunset (Tired Of Waiting) - guest.
180g black vinyl in picture cover, housed in deluxe pvc sleeve. Includes digital download code.
Side A
1. The Tides 6:49
2. Snowstorm Princess 3:55
3. Frosted Glass, Frost On Tracks 4:19
4. A Return 2:15
Side B
1. 7th Sister 9:20
2. Sunset (Tired Of Waiting) 7:04