The considerable talents of Geoff Downes (Yes, Buggles) and Chris Braide (The Producers) combine to make Pictures Of You, a concept album chronicling a fan's view of the decline of his idol.
Something of an updating of the Electro-Prog-Pop of The Buggles, the album features the 13 minute Sunday News Suite, which Braide describes as, "A classic Yes-style elongated piece played by machines."
A limited 180gm vinyl version with lyric insert.
Side 1:
1. Sunday News Suite:
  a) Sunday News
  b) Islands
  c) Goodbye Johnny
  d) Anywhere
2. The Radiant Children
Side 2:
1.The Superfortress
2. Pictures of You
3. Songs That Can Heal
4. Ride the Waves
5. Live for the Moment