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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Peter Hammill
CatNo: SMALP1072
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Peter Hammill Plus vinyl
2017 Madfish label double vinyl issue of PH's 1985 recordings + (The Margin's bonus live album). 
The third Madfish label release from Peter Hammill and his incendiary K Group, + was originally a bonus disc that came with The Margin's Fie! label reissue in 2002.
Unlike The Margin + includes audience background sounds, allowing listeners a more accurate representation of the K Group live experience. 
Features PH classics including Happy Hour, Again, If I Could, Modern and The Second Hand.
The black and white photograph of Peter Hammill, used for original tour posters and The Margin front cover, has been re-imagined for the cover artwork.
As Hammill himself said, "The k group really was something else."
180g heavyweight LPs in gatefold cover. Available on vinyl for the first time.
1. The Second Hand [5:56]
2. My Experience [4:13]
3. Paradox Drive [4:18]
1. Modern [7:42]
2. Film Noir [5:06]
1. The Great Experiment [5:47]
2. Happy Hour [9:33]
1. Central Hotel [5:01]
2. Again [4:22]
3. If I Could [5:52]