Price: £19.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Peter Hammill
CatNo: SMALP1069
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Peter Hammill Enter K vinyl
2016 Madfish label 180g vinyl re-issue of PH's 1982 album Enter K.
Featuring the sublime melancholy of Don't Tell Me, the bristling energy of Accidents, and the twists and turns of epic closer Happy Hour, Enter K is the first in a series of Peter Hammill vinyl reissues.
Hammill writes - "Enter K is very much a hybrid set of recordings which makes up a pair with 1983's Patience. By the time of recording, the K Group was in full effect, having been formed to tour with songs from Sitting Targets and A Black Box. As I've said elsewhere, not exactly a Beat Group but probably the closest ensemble I've ever been in which would come under that category. The K Group really was something else."
1. Paradox Drive (4:31)
2. The Unconscious Life (5:05)
3. Accidents (4:35)
4. The Great Experiment (5:05)
1. Don't Tell Me (4:45)
2. She Wraps It Up (4:20)
3. Happy Hour (9:15)