Price: £24.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Echorec
CatNo: PLG092
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Echorec The Island blue double vinyl
As epitomised by the 17 minute epic The Lamb Returns, Echorec’s conceptual release The Island is awash with twists, turns and more time signature changes than you ever knew existed.
Very limited double 140g opaque blue vinyl edition.
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Side 1
1. Calling of the Waters (0:31)
2. Safe at Home (9:34)
3. The Island (5:48)
Side 2
1. Winds of Time (7:25)
2. Darling, I (5:38)
3. Flown the Nest (6:20)
Side 3
1. Seasons Change (4:12)
2. The Lamb Returns (17:20)
Side 4 (Bonus Track)
1. Overture (9:35)