Price: £25.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: A Formal Horse
CatNo: PLG100
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A Formal Horse Meat Mallet Transparent orange vinyl Limited
A Formal Horse’s second album Meat Mallet finds the quirky avant-rock quartet once more working with veteran producer Rob Aubrey (Big Big Train, IQ).
Limited 180g transparent orange vinyl - 250 copies worldwide - in single sleeve with a full colour lyric insert.
Purchases through Burning Shed come with a download of full album upon release date (available in Your Account).
Building on the song-based, violent whimsey that has been the band’s trademark, the line-up of Hayley McDonnell (Vocals), Benjamin Short (Guitars), Russell Mann (Bass Guitars) and Mike Stringfellow (Drums) return with a selection of 12 spicy songs, all co-written by the band remotely in 2020.
“We’d wholeheartedly like to thank everyone out there who has supported the band to date - it’s only because of the passion that the music community have shown that we were able to do this again. May All Beings Be Happy!”
Side 1
1 This One's Just A Warning 4:48
2 You've Got A Billion And I've Got A Half 3:53
3 Hong Kong 2:29
4 I’m A Lasagne 4:06
5 Bring A Bun 2:10
6 Someone’s After My Malted Milk 4:20
Side 2
1 Space8 3:54
2 Heavy Hit 2:18
3 Rose Train 4:00
4 Let It Run 3:06
5 Mr C's Two Thousand and Threes 3:38
6 Turkey 2000s 4:13