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The Call (7")
Artist: Rotting Christ
Format: vinyl
Availability: 09-02-2018
Commencing celebrations marking 30 years of Greece’s premier Black Metal export Rotting Christ, t..
Fuck You!!! / Blood Bath
Artist: Autopsy Vs Bloodbath
Format: vinyl

As part of the ongoing 7” series marking 30 years of Peaceville comes a new vile treat in the for..
Rebirth: Inner Sanctum
Artist: Akercocke
Format: vinyl

A limited 7” single released as part of Peaceville’s 30th Anniversary series featuring the demo v..
£6.99 £4.99
Burial Bliss / Visual Aggression
Artist: Darkthrone
Format: vinyl

A collector's 7" single vinyl release celebrating 30 years of Darkthrone.    Fe..
Dark are the Veils of Death
Artist: Candlemass
Format: vinyl

Two rare and previously unreleased tracks from a 1987 rehearsal unearthed and presented on limite..
Hollow Cathedra
Artist: My Dying Bride
Format: vinyl

Limited edition 7" vinyl single of the My Dying Bride track Hollow Cathedra.    ..
Traditional Doom Cult
Artist: Isengard
Format: vinyl

A collector's dream come true, Traditional Doom Cult contains two rare and unreleased tracks from..
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