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Format: CD
Artist: Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
CatNo: BRCDLP-01-S
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Along with the remaster of As Far As Dreams Can Go, the remastered special edition of Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin's Broken Records - The Singles provides a complete document of Dave & Barbara's releases between 1981-1986 (including all the tracks from the US 14-track compilation Up From The Dark). 
Taken together, the new editions feature 28 tracks and around 40 minutes of extra material, including extended 12" mixes and four bonus tracks, some of which were specially created for the re-releases.
Both albums come in a full colour Digipak format with a 20-page booklet featuring new artwork, a history of Stewart/Gaskin told by the musicians and photos from the duo's personal archive. 

1. I'm In A Different World (Holland / Dozier / Holland)
2. Leipzig (Thomas Dolby)
3. It's My Party (Wiener / Gold / Gluck Jnr. )
4. Johnny Rocco (Les Van Dyke)
5. Siamese Cat Song (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
6. Busy Doing Nothing (Van Heusen / Burke)
7. Rich For A Day* (D. Stewart)
8. Waiting In The Wings (D. Stewart)
9. The Emperor's New Guitar (D. Stewart)
10. The Hamburger Song (D. Stewart)
11. Henry & James (D. Stewart)
12. The World Spins So Slow (D. Stewart)

(*Slightly extended version. )

Bonus tracks:

13. I'm In A Different World (12" mix)
14. A World of Difference (D. Stewart)
15. Leipzig (12" mix)
16. This Is Human Speech (D. Stewart)

"For the new special editions we remastered from original sources and were able to extend many of the tracks by removing the 'radio fades' we used on the vinyl singles. We've enjoyed revisiting (and in a couple of cases, reworking) our earlier work for this project, and we hope you'll enjoy it too." - Dave Stewart