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Format: CD
Artist: Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
CatNo: BRCDLP-06-S
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Prior to playing at Tokyo's TLG club in 2001 Dave & Barbara compiled and mastered a personal selection of rare and unreleased tracks. The compilation was sold in a strictly limited edition under the title of 'TLG Commemorative CD' to TLG concertgoers and has not been available since. The music remains unchanged from the Japanese edition but the album now features a completely new design by artist Michael Inns and a 12-page colour booklet containing photos from the duo's personal archive, full track credits, new text and song notes by Dave Stewart. Musical contributors include Andy Reynolds (guitar), Jakko Jakszyk (guitar), Gavin Harrison (drums) and Annie Whitehead (trombone).

1. Transylvanian Blue Suede Hooves (Subterranean Homesick Blues extended mix) (B. Dylan arr. D. Stewart)
2. René and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War (P. Simon)
3. Shakin? All Over (2001 Rough mix) (J. Kidd)
4. Give Me Just A Little More Time (R. Dunbar / E. Wain)
5. McGroggan (1995 Remix) (D. Stewart)
6. When The Warcry Comes (D. Stewart)
7. Fear Is The Thief (D. Stewart)
8. Hold On To The Chain (D. Stewart)
9. Roads Girdle The Globe (1991 Remix) (A. Partridge)
10. Henry & James (1996 Remake) (D. Stewart)
11. The Curve Of The Earth (D. Stewart)
12. Painter Man (E. Phillips / K. Pickett)
13. Your Majesty Is Like A Cream Donut (quiet) (D. Stewart)
14. Ads Infinitum (D. Stewart)

(Total running time 66 minutes 35 seconds.)

Dave Stewart says: "After the long delay in releasing our recent album Green and Blue we wanted to keep the ball rolling and get more material out there for our listeners. Barbara and I really enjoy the music in this collection so we decided to make it available as an interim release while we work on new songs for our next album."