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Format: CD
Artist: Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
CatNo: BRCDEP-01
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Hour Moon signed Dave Stewart Barbara Gaskin cd

Since Green and Blue was recorded over an extended period it was inevitable that new songs would emerge during its making - consequently, by the time it was completed there was too much material to fit on a single CD. Hence this bonus EP, which contains two extra songs originally intended for the album (one a highly entertaining cover of a legendary rock'n'roll tune, the other a beautiful ballad in the trademark Stewart / Gaskin mould). Drummer Gavin Harrison appears on both and Andy Reynolds plays guitar on the first. Also included is the extended version of 'Henry & James' (requested by many listeners since its appearance on a Flexidisc in US Keyboard magazine back in 1985), and two extra tracks (one hitherto unreleased) which celebrate the genius of maverick British pop producer Joe Meek.

1. Shakin' All Over (J. Kidd)
2.  This Wind Blows Everywhere (D. Stewart)
3. Telstar (Joe Meek)
4. Your Lucky Star (D. Stewart) (from the album Spin)
5. Henry & James (Keyboard 'Flexidisc' mix) (D. Stewart)
(Total running time 27 minutes 6 seconds.)
Hour Moon has custom artwork, contains song notes by Dave Stewart and ships in an eco-friendly cardboard sleeve.