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Format: CD
Artist: Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
CatNo: BRCDLP-07s
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Dave Stewart Barbara Gaskin Gavin Harrison Star Clocks Signed
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin's 2018 release Star Clocks explores the far reaches of time and space.
Featuring Barbara on vocals, Dave on keyboards and arrangements, master drummer Gavin Harrison and emerging talent Beren Matthews on guitar, the album contains eight Dave Stewart originals alongside a cover of an iconic 1960s song. 
An hour of stellar new music from one of the UK's most respected, innovative and intelligent Pop acts.
CD in a 4-panel colour digipak with a 12-page colour booklet containing lyrics.
Signed edition.
1. Wings On Our Shoes
2. Ride the High Atlantic Wind
3. Drizzle Cloaks
4. Summer in the City
5. Heavy Heart
6. The Arms of Miklosko
7. Everything Sings
8. Afraid of Clowns
9. Time's Arrow
(Total running time 62 minutes 44 seconds.)