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Format: CD
Artist: Niko Tsonev
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CD Niko Tsonev Banshees and Harpsichords


Limited edition of Niko Tsonev's 2013 album Banshees and Harpsichords. 
Reminiscent of an edgy Reznor-esque film soundtrack with elements of progressive rock, djent, jazz fusion and classical impressionism, Banshees breaks new ground for Niko (Steven Wilson band) in terms of its production and guitar exploration.
Tsonev produced and played all instruments on the album, with the idea of exploring the possible voices of the modern guitar; Banshees representing the heavy, glitchy, distorted and intentionally ugly guitar sounds and Harpsichords being a methaphor for the lyrical beauty and near-vocal expression apparent in Niko's guitar melodies. 
The song Acid Tears features the amazingly Grog from Die So Fluid on vocals and on the title track the call of Niko's guitar is answered by the soaring jazz violin work of Samy Bishai. 
Presented in a matt deluxe digipak with six page artwork.


1. Noise Reactor 05:05
2. Polystar 02:56
3. The Everpresent Spirit 05:17
4. Venetian Poison 04:39
5. Thorn Fairy Rhapsody 05:37
6. Acid Tears 04:30
7. Water 01:39
8. Banshees and Harpsichords 05:33


Grog - Vocals and Vocal Harmonies on Acid Tears 
Samy Bishai - Solo Violin and Strings on Banshees and Harpsichords
Niko Tsonev - Everything else