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Format: CD
Artist: Banco De Gaia
CatNo: GKOCD017
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Banco De Gaia Last Train To Lhasa cd


Extremely limited, individually numbered, quadruple disc edition of Banco De Gaia's Ambient Dub milestone Last Train to Lhasa. 
To mark the 20th anniversary of its release, Disco Gecko have created a physical-only 4 disc set, featuring previously unheard and extended alternative ambient mixes, as well as a handful of fresh remixes by like-minded artists.
Originally released on Planet Dog in 1995, Last Train to Lhasa is regarded as one of the all-time classic albums of modern electronica. Reaching No.31 in the UK Album Charts, its groove inflected, multicultural soundscapes helped to form the blueprint for much of today's global electronica.


Disc One: 
1. Last Train to Lhasa
2. Kuos
3. China (Clouds not Mountains)
4. Amber
5. Kincajou
6. White Paint
7. 887 (Structure)
8. Eagle
Disc Two: 
1. Kuos (Gnomes Mix)
2. Kincajou (Duck! Asteroid Extended Version)*
3. Eagle (Small Steppa Mix)
Disc Three: 
1. China (Follow the Red Brick Road)
2. Amber (Insect Intelligence)
3. 887 (Darkside Return)
4. White Paint (Where's the Runway Dub)*
5. Last Train to Lhasa (Very Extended Ambient Mix)*
Disc Four: 
1. Last Train to Lhasa (AstroPilot Remix)*
2. Kuos (Bluetech Remix)*
3. China (Andrew Heath Remix)*
4. Amber (Andy Guthrie Mix)*
5. Kincajou (M N Taal Mix)*
6. White Paint (elucidation's Remix)*
7. 887 (Sonasha Remix)*
8. Eagle (Nick Manasseh Dub)*                                                  
*Previously unreleased