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Format: CD
Artist: Banco De Gaia
CatNo: GKOCD025
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Banco De Gaia Ambient CD Big Men Cry

A 20th anniversary edition of Banco's infamous 'lost album' from 1997.

Following the acclaimed Last Train to Lhasa, Big Men Cry was dogged by record company disputes fuelled by Toby Marks' desire to produce something completely different from its predecessor.

Double CD in digifile. Nigel Mazlyn Jones and others provide alternative mixes on the bonus disc.

All copies are signed by Banco's Toby Marks.

CD 1:
1. Drippy
2. Celestine
3. Drunk as a Monk
4. Big Men Cry
5. Gates Does Windows
6. One Billion Miles Out
7. Starstation Earth
CD 2:
1. Drippy (Deeply Dipped Remix)
2. Celestine (Radio Rerun)
3. Drunk as a Monk (Temple of Sound Remix)
4. Big Men Cry (Nigel Mazlyn Jones Version)
5. Gates Virtually does the Windows (Digidub Reconstruction)
6. One Billion Miles Out (One Billion Hearts Mix)
7. Starstation Earth (100th Monkey Remix)
8. Celestine (Future Loop Foundation Night Time Deluxe Remix)
9. Drunk as a Monk (Rabbit in the Moon’s Brass Monkey Remix)
10. Celestine (Live at Bruton Dub Club)