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Artist: UXB
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flac Black Ash White House uxb
White House, Black Ash marks the 21st Century return of Pete Morgan's UXB project.
Adopting a more ethereal, stripped-down and atmospheric approach, White House, Black Ash effectively blends elements of Ambient and Chill-Out instrumental stylings with tight and hypnotic song-like structures.
Pitched somewhere between the more evocative aspects of Moby and the brooding textures of Eno.
White House, Black Ash represents an inspired continuation of UXB's trademark melodic melancholia.
Ideal late-night listening.
white house, black ash (3.23)
tammy (4.41)
high desert area (5.50)
atmosphere of a small place (5.34)
tiburon (5.36)
manrique (4.13)
timanfaya (5.13)
los jameos del agua (4.17)
piscados (4.34)
mirador del rio (5.21)
total: 49 minuites