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Format: CD
Artist: This Mortal Coil
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This Mortal Coil Itll End In Tears CD
Deluxe CD edition of This Mortal Coil’s magical debut release.
Conceived and produced by 4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell, It’ll End In Tears (1984) defined 4AD’s emerging signature sound and involved label acts including Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance and The Wolfgang Press plus guests such as Howard Devoto (Magazine) and Gordon Sharp covering material by the likes of Big Star, Roy Harper, Tim Buckley and Colin Newman.
Manufactured by the Ichikudo company in Japan, this comes packaged in a striking gatefold paper sleeve and is UHQCD (Ultimate High Quality Compact Disc).


1. Kangaroo
2. Song To The Siren

3. Holocaust
4. Fyt
5. Fond Affections

6. The Last Ray

7. Another Day
8. Waves Become Wings

9. Barramundi
10. Dreams Made Flesh
11. Not Me
12. A Single Wish