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Format: CD
Artist: This Mortal Coil
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This Mortal Coil Filigree and Shadow CD
Deluxe CD edition of This Mortal Coil’s second studio release.
Conceived and produced by 4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell, Filigree & Shadow (1986) was arguably even more ornate than its lauded predecessor. New faces joined the cast for this record, including a variety of singers Ivo handpicked such as Alison Limerick, Dominic Appleton (Breathless), sisters Deirdre and Louise Rutkowski (Sunset Gun), and Richenel.
Manufactured by the Ichikudo company in Japan, this comes packaged in a striking gatefold paper sleeve and is UHQCD (Ultimate High Quality Compact Disc).
1. Velvet Belly
2. The Jeweller
3. Ivy And Neet
4. Meniscus
5. Tears
6. Tarantula
7. My Father
8. Come Here My Love
9. At First, And Then
10. Strength Of Strings
11. Morning Glory
12. Inch-Blue
13. I Want To Live
14. Mama K (1)
15. Filigree & Shadow
16. Firebrothers
17. Thaïs (1)
18. I Must Have Been Blind
19. A Heart Of Glass
20. Alone
21. Mama K (2)
22. The Horizon Bleeds And Sucks Its Thumb
23. Drugs
24. Red Rain
25. Thaïs (2)