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Format: CD
Artist: Thieves Kitchen
CatNo: TKCD007-S
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Thieves_Kitchen Genius_Loci CD Signed
Following on from 2015's The Clockwork Universe, Thieves' Kitchen's seventh album Genius Loci brings the listener back down to earth, to the stories that spring from the world around us and the world within us.
Featuring an hour of music, the album's five songs take inspiration from the genius loci, or 'spirit of place': the unique, defining nature of a point in space, and the essence of what makes a place speak to the human soul.
CD in gatefold card. Signed by Amy, Phil and Thomas from the band.
1. Eilmer (9:33)
2. Uffington (11:35)
3. The Poison Garden (3:50) 
4. The Voice of the Lar (20:06) 
5. Mirie It Is (8:50)

Amy Darby (vocals, theremin), Phil Mercy (guitar), Thomas Johnson (keyboards), Johan Brand (bass), Paul Mallyon (drums), Anna Holmgren (flute)