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Format: CD
Artist: Thieves Kitchen
CatNo: TKCD003
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Thieves_Kitchen Shibboleth CD

Thieves' Kitchen's third album from 2003 further develops the Symphonic Jazz Fusion aspects of the TK sound first encountered in Argot.

New singer/lyricist Amy introduces a more poetic style of lyric.

CD in jewel case.

1. The Picture Slave 5:00
2. De Profundis 12:36
3. Cardinal Red 6:35
4. Spiral Bound 4:58
5. Chovihani Rise 23:50
6. Surface Tension 13:18
Amy Darby (vocals), 
Phil Mercy (guitar), 
Wolfgang Kindl (keyboards), 
Andy Bonham (bass), 
Mark Robotham (drums)