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Format: CD
Artist: The Opium Cartel
CatNo: AP071CD
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The Opium Cartel Valor CD Jacob Holm-Lupo White Willow
The Opium Cartel is White Willow leader Jacob Holm-Lupo’s vehicle for songs that exist somewhere between art-rock and synth pop. 
Valor - the third OC album -  takes inspiration from predominantly 1980s sources - The Blue Nile and Shriekback via late Roxy Music and the prog-pop of 1980s Alan Parsons Project and Camel. The period feel is amplified by Holm-Lupo’s use of synthesizers iconic to the era, like the Oberheim Matrix-6 and Yamaha DX7.
Silje Huleboer and Airbag’s Bjørn Riis guest.
CD with exclusive bonus track.
1. In the Streets
2. Slow Run
3. A Question of Re-Entry
4. Nightwings
5. Fairground Sunday
6. Under Thunder
7. The Curfew Bell
8. A Maelstrom of Stars
CD Only Bonus Track
9. What’s It Gonna Be