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Soft Machine Live at the Baked Potato CD
This follow-up to Soft Machine's highly acclaimed 2018 album Hidden Details finds John Etheridge, Roy Babbington, John Marshall and Theo Travis on fine form at the Baked Potato, LA, USA on 1st February 2019.
The material mixes tunes from Hidden Details, along with older material and some choice improvisations.
The band, with a world tour under their belt and a partisan crowd urging them on, are absolutely at the top of their game - powerful, committed and idiosyncratic.
1) Out-Bloody-Intro 
2) Out-Bloody-Rageous (Pt1) 
3) Sideburn 
4) Hazard Profile (Pt1)
5) Kings and Queens 
6) The Tale of Taliesin 
7) Heart Off Guard 
8) Broken Hill 
9) Fourteen Hour Dream 
10) The Man Who Waved at Trains 
11) Life on Bridges 
12) Hidden Details