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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Durutti Column
CatNo: FBN274
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The Durutti Column Obey The Time coloured double vinyl
An expanded double coloured vinyl edition of Obey the Time, the eighth studio album by The Durutti Column
Largely self-produced and entirely instrumental, Obey The Time saw DC mainman Vini Reilly further develop his interest in electronic music, and embracing house and techno stylings. 
A 2020 re-press, the remastered vinyl set is housed in a striking gatefold sleeve by 8vo printed in pantone colours. The bold primary colours are mirrored by the coloured vinyl - transparent for Disc 1, and neon yellow for Disc 2.
Disc 1
Side A
1. Vino Della Casa Bianco
2. Hotel of the Lake 1990
3. Fridays
4. Neon
5. Home
Side B
1. Spanish Reggae
2. Art and Freight
3. The Warmest Rain
4. Contra-Indications
5. Vino Della Casa Rosso
Disc 2 (live)
Side C
1. Home
2. What It Is To Me (Woman)
3. English Landscape Tradition
4. Opera II
Side D
1. Finding the Sea
2. Otis
3. Jacqueline