Price: £23.49
Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Durutti Column
CatNo: TWI976
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The Durutti Column Fidelity Double vinyl
Black vinyl release of Fidelity, the 1996 studio album by The Durutti Column. Featuring two bonus tracks.
Originally released on CD only in April 1996, Fidelity featured 10 tracks written and performed by Vini Reilly, with occasional guest vocals by Eley Rudge. In addition to Vini’s trademark guitar stylings, the album showcased electronic textures and programmed beats.
This special double LP edition pressed in black vinyl features cover artwork by Crepuscule design director Benoit Hennebert, based on a portrait by Vini Reilly of filmmaker Carol Morley.
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1. Fidelity
2. For Suzanne
3. G+T
1. Future Perfect
2. Abstract of Expression
3. Remember Me
1. Sanko
2. Grace
3. Storm for Steve
1. Guitar for Mother
2. My Only Love
3. The New Fidelity