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Artist: Tangerine Dream
Availability: 30-10-2020
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Tangerine Dream White Eagle CD

White Eagle was the twelfth studio album by Tangerine Dream, released in 1982.

2020 remaster featuring the six bonus tracks from the Pilots Of Purple Twilight boxset.


1. Mojave Plan 
2. Midnight in Tula 
3. Convention of the 24 
4. White Eagle 
5. Das Mädchen auf der Treppe* 
6. Flock* 
7. Katja* 
8. Speed* 
9. Daydream^ 
10. Moorland^ 
*Bonus tracks: Taken from the 12-inch EP “Das Mädchen auf der Treppe”, Released in Germany as Virgin 600 651 in May 1982 Previously unreleased on CD
^A & B-sides of single – Released in Germany as Virgin 105 271 in May 1983. Previously unreleased on CD