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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Tangerine Dream
CatNo: KSCOPE1145_del
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Tangerine Dream Probe 6-8 Vinyl
Probe 6-8 provides a glimpse into the forthcoming Tangerine Dream studio album (due for release in early 2022).
A sequencer driven sound - reminiscent of TD’s early 1970s work - is combined with a lush 1980s crystalline bliss. 
The trio of Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss and Paul Frick has composed and produced Probe 6-8 with full access to Edgar Froese’s Cubase arrangements and Otari Tape Archive (featuring recordings from 1977-2013).
The first track Raum is a nod to the band’s early live studio performances Zeit and Phaedra, utilising a distinctive heavy Moog bass (which marks the beginning and the end of this 15-minute piece). 
This new set of recordings also feature two remixes - Berlin-based composer and producer Grand River (Aimée Portioli) has given ‘Raum’ her signature sound and ‘Continuum’ was remixed by Berghain resident and Leisure System co-founder Sam Barker.
12” vinyl edition. 
A1. Raum 
A2. Para Guy
B1. Continuum
B2. Raum (Grand River Remix)
B3. Continuum (Barker Remix)