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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Tangerine Dream
CatNo: KSCOPE1098
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Tangerine Dream Mala Kunia Vinyl
Featuring seven compositions, including two co-written by Ulrich Schnauss and Edgar FroeseMala Kunia was originally released to coincide with Tangerine Dream’s 2014 Australian concerts. 
With this album, a new era of TD began, The Quantum Years (which focused on a more back to basics approach to composition influenced by quantum physics).
Mala Kunia is named after two Aboriginal tribes, which, according to Aboriginal mythology, living a long time ago around Uluru, also knows as Ayers Rock. The Mala tribe lived on the sunny side and the Kunia on the shady side of the rock.
Although Edgar Froese passed away in 2015 with a new phase in the band's history just beginning, he left direct orders to remaining members: "Carry on and make my vision for the Quantum Years phase of the band happen!"
Double black vinyl in gatefold cover.
A1. Shadow And Sun
A2. Madagaskunia
B1. Madagsmala
B2. Beyond Uluru
C1. Vision Of The Blue Birds
C2. Snake Men`s Dance At Dawn
D1. Power Of The Rainbow Serpent