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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Strange Majik
CatNo: PLG034
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Strange Majik Lights On vinyl
Washes of Hendrix and Stevie Wonder fused with a variety of New York rappers.
A stunning amalgamation of styles and textures.
'A collection of songs that defies genre classification.' -
Side One
1. Lights On (feat. Phase one and Melanie Charles) (4:39)
2. Livin' It (feat. MC Elijah Black) (3:30)
3. What's It To Ya (4:15)
4. Daddy's Shoes (feat. MC Elijah Black) (4:24)
5. Workingman (feat. Kennedy) (4:38)
Side Two
1. Love That I Got (feat. Fiona Silver) (3:46)
2. Love Will Find U (feat. Valerie Broussard) (4:21)
3. Diggin' on the Higgs (4:24)
4. Country Road (4:32)
5. Love On High (7:17)