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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Three Cane Whale
CatNo: PLG045(s)
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Three Cane Whale Palimpsest - Signed Edition vinyl
Three Cane Whale's third album, Palimpsest, was recorded at Real World and produced by Portishead's Adrian Utley.
Chosen by The Telegraph as one of the Best Albums Of 2016, by fRoots as one of its 5-star Playlist Albums, and by The Guardian for its Folk World Music Playlist, Palimpsest is, "Exquisite, elegant, atmospheric and charmingly quirky; a shifting mosaic of musical textures." (Robin Denselow, The Guardian)
Limited signed Plane Groovy label 180g vinyl edition.
"A beguiling album of wordless paeans to rural southern England. Quiet but compellingly emotional music that is richly-textured and containing melodies of real beauty." (fRoots, Playlist Album Choice)
"Music of space, time and thought. A lovely way to start a new year." (The Independent On Sunday)
"These West Country pastoral miniaturists combine minimalist folk with a generous welcome to new instrumentation." (David Honigmann, The Financial Times)
"Those looking for new experiences in folk music would do well to direct their ears to Three Cane Whale. Palimpsestis perfectly titled, and production by Portishead's Adrian Utley only adds to the sense of wonder." (The Irish Times)
"A shifting matrix of brass, chimes and diverse strings; its sense of rural enchantment is unwavering." (Neil Spencer, The Observer)
Side 1
1.  Standing Sun Fanfare [1:27]
2.  Moon in a Bottle [3:32]
3.  Red Bank [2:31]
4.  Roads of the Sky [1:55]
5.  Sprig [1:35]
6.  Miniature [0:32]
7.  Brute Angels [4:52]
8.  Miniature II [0:40]
9.  Flowers Barrow and Worbarrow Trout [3:15]
10. An Acre of Watery Light [3:08]
11. Miniature III [0:32]
12. The Hare at Daggers Gate [1:45]
Side 2
1.  The Bronze Sounding [3:11]
2.  The Eye on the Hill [2:17]
3.  A Magic of Strange Welcome [1:12]
4.  Wingmore [3:20]
5.  Shadows on the Chalk Hills  [2:54]
6.  Gurney's Oak [3:51]
7.  Penda's Fen [1:48]
8.  Winchester Geese [2:48]
9.  Gospel Pass [4:16]