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Format: CD
Artist: Steve Jansen
CatNo: SJ03
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Steve Jansen Japan Corridor CD
Steve Jansen's Corridor is a slowly evolving 50 minute instrumental piece designed for playback in a gallery space with uncontrolled acoustics and no sound insulation.
Avoiding percussive and complicated bass content this audio is designed to float in a live space at low level volume allowing sonic variations to subtly stimulate the ambience.
Original installation at the Cape Breton University Art Gallery, Canada to accompany an SJ photo exhibition Through A Quiet Window May 11 to July 6, 2018. Previously released titles STER_01 & STER_02 are incorporated into this piece. 
Bonus track Recovery Room combines Electronica and Classical influences (underpinned by Jansen's polyrhythmic beats and ambiguous time signatures).
CD in 4 Panel wallet.
1. Corridor 48:39
2. Recovery Room 08:06