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Format: CD
Artist: Exit North
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Exit North Book Of Romance And Dust Steve Jansen Japan CD
Songcraft and inventive textures collide on the uncompromising 2018 debut release from Exit North.
Steve Jansen (Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Sound Design, Backing Vocals), Ulf Jansson (Piano, Keyboards), Charles Storm (Synthesisers, Treatments, Guitars, Bass, Voices) and Thomas Feiner (Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Additional Piano, Additional Guitar, Harmonium) are joined by a string quartet on this often starkly beautiful album.
CD in six panel digipak.
1. Bested Bones 05:20
2. Short Of One Dimension 05:53
3. Sever Me 04:24
4. Passenger's Wake 03:58
5. North 04:57
6. Lessons In Doubt 04:05
7. Spider 04:43
8. Losing 09:11
9. Another Chance 04:00
Ulf Jansson - Piano, Keyboards 
Charles Storm - Synthesisers, Treatments, Guitars, Bass, Voices 
Steve Jansen - Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Sound Design, Backing Vocals 
Thomas Feiner - Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Additional Piano, Additional Guitar, Harmonium 

Max Wulfson - Violin I 
Hanna Eliasson - Violin II 
Tuula Fleivik Nurmo - Viola 
Jung Hyun Byun - Cello 
Hans Adler - Double Bass 
Strings conducted by Mikael Backegård 
String Arrangements 
LESSONS IN DOUBT Mikael Backegård 
BESTED BONES & ANOTHER CHANCE Mikael Backegård & Thomas Feiner 
SEVER ME Thomas Feiner, orchestrated by Max Wulfson 
Additional Vocals 
Fyfe Dangerfield BESTED BONES 
Robbie Lloyd-Wilson BESTED BONES 
Anna Bylund LOSING 
Additional Contributors 
Lars Danielsson - Double Bass BESTED BONES & LESSONS IN DOUBT & SPIDER 
Mattias Tell - Acoustic Guitar - SHORT OF ONE DIMENSION 
Richard Hauer - Guitar NORTH 
Bashar Sharifah - Cello SPIDER & ANOTHER CHANCE 
Isak Eldh - Field Recording LOSING 
‘Saxophobia’ sample ANOTHER CHANCE courtesy of Saidera Records 
all music composed and produced by Exit North 
recording engineered by Charles Storm 
mixed by Charles Storm & Exit North at Cloudchamber, Gothenburg 
mastering by Seigen Ono at Saidera Mastering, Tokyo