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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Sigur Rós
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Sigur Rós’ first studio album in ten years, ÁTTA, is the band's most intimate and emotionally direct record to date.
Multi-instrumentalist Kjartan Sveinsson is back in the fold – having left the band in 2012 – to join frontman Jónsi and bassist Georg Holm.
Recorded across multiple continents - in the band’s Sundlaugin studio in Iceland, the legendary Abbey Road in the UK and a number of studios in the US - ÁTTA leans heavily towards the orchestral, and touches on everything that has made Sigur Rós one of the most ambitious and acclaimed bands of recent times, whilst signposting an exciting and expansive possibility for their future. 
ÁTTA prominently features the London Contemporary Orchestra conducted by Robert Ames, alongside brass performed by longtime Icelandic collaborators Brassgat í bala. It is mixed and co-produced by another frequent collaborator Paul Corley, alongside the band.
Double vinyl in gatefold sleeve.
1. Glóð
2. Blóðberg
3. Skel
1. Klettur
2. Mór
3. Andrá
1. Gold
2. Ylur
1. Fall
2. 8