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Artist: Sid Smith
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Sid Smith In The Court Of King Crimson King Crimson
Sid Smith’s In The Court Of King Crimson: An Observation Over 50 Years traces King Crimson’s career from the 1960s underground scene to the present day, featuring interviews with all the principal musicians and people associated with the band, a track by track analysis of studio output and an extensive annotated gigography.  
A significantly expanded follow-up to the acclaimed In The Court Of King Crimson from 2002, Smith’s book is an essential companion to one of the most intriguing careers in Rock music history. 
Long out of print and double the size of its predecessor, the book includes material from King Crimson’s archives plus much previously unpublished material.
Hardback book, 632 pages (624 + 8 pages of photos).
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In The Court Of The Crimson King was a huge chart hit on both sides of the Atlantic upon its release in 1969.  It marked the beginning of one of Rock music’s most innovative and unconventional outfits who would go on to release thirteen studio albums of consistently challenging and distinctive music. 
With a changing roster of personnel over five decades the one constant factor has been guitarist Robert Fripp. In 2019 as King Crimson tours the world celebrating 50 years they continue to defy expectations and push at the boundaries of what is possible in Rock music.