Price: £15.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Rosco Levee and the Southern Slide
CatNo: PLG030
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Rosco Levee and the Southern Sli Get It While You Can vinyl
Southern Blues Rock from Kent!  
Fusing elements of The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker and Lynrd Skynyrd with their own sound, Rosco and the band belt out an album's worth of high class material.
Heavyweight vinyl edition with insert.
Side 1:
1. Some Angels Fall 4:02
2 Gambling Man 4:15
3. Howitzer Eyes 3:37
4. Back to the Banks 4:58
5. Whiskey Blues Goodnight 4:42
Side 2:
1. My Gospel 3:10
2. When the Band Starts to Play 3:38
3. I Got My Own Plan 3:06
4. Redemption Calls 3:48
5. Look Out Moses 3:44
6. Southern Belle 3:51