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Format: CD
Artist: Robert Jürjendal & Miguel Noya
CatNo: ND10
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Robert Jurjendal Miguel Noya The Power of Distance CD newdog
South America meets the Baltics as two modern musical pioneers combine forces.
Electronic music pioneer, Miguel Noya (“The Venezuelan Jean-Michel Jarre.”) began work in the mid-1970s, while Estonian guitarist Robert Jürjendal emerged in the 1990s.
A Progressive Ambient album two lifetimes in the making.

CD in two fold card wallet.

1 Kirdetuuled 5:42
2 Curiara "A View Above Water" 7:35
3 Kalev and Linda 5:46
4 From Time to Time 5:22
5 Saarepiiga 4:32
6 Transmigracion 12:03
7 Epilogue 3:59
8 Kalev and Linda (Reprise) 1:40
Robert Jürjendal: Acoustic and electric guitar, guitar-synth, keyboards
Miguel Noya: Keyboard, Piano, Synthesizers and Electronics
Mathieu Spaeter: Electric Guitar on “From Time to Time”
Janis Denis: Vocals on “Kalev & Linda”
Laura Brave: Vocal Samples on “Transmigración”
María Luisa González: Anna-Kua samples on “Curiara” (from Ye’kwana tribe)
Mixing: Miguel Noya
Mastering: Adam Noya, Miguel Noya
Art: Thomas Noya
Executive production: Paul Godwin