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Format: CD
Artist: Phi Yaan-Zek
CatNo: AOWCD007
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Phi_Yaan-Zek Reality_Is_My_Play_Thing 2CD Marco_Minnemann

Reality Is My Play Thing is an expansive double album of genre-bending progressive rock tracks that sees the continuation of Phi Yaan-Zek's ongoing collaboration with global drum superstar Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, Aristocrats) and virtuoso keyboardist Lalle Larsson (Karmakanic, The Flower Kings).

Rounding out the core band are Zappa band legend Mike Keneally on keyboards, vocals and guitar, and bassist-to-the-stars Bryan Beller providing the signature lowend presence

An exhilarating blend of the intricate west coast guitar-driven rock of Frank Zappa or Steve Vai, and the off-kilter British style eccentricity of XTC, Gentle Giant, or Cardiacs, all brought together in a unique conceptual psychedelic world.

The double album has two distinct halves - one disc is mostly vocal and the second mostly instrumental. Maintaining a balance between rock-riff accessibility and intense instrumental complexity, Reality Is My Play Thing is a vibrant journey that rewards deep listening.

2CD in 6-panel digipak with 20-page colour booklet.

CD1: Play Thing
01. So The Story Begins
02. Abigail’s Place
03. Down From The Mountain 
04. Me, The Doorway And The Metasequoia Glyptostroboides 
05. Kindling 
06. Frequency Calling 
07. Fanfare For The Magnetically Challenged
08. The Magnetic Victory
09. Break The Ice 
10. The Ocean Within 
11. Wondrous Self 
12. Subtle
13. Sapphire Bent 
14. The Killer Of The Spontaneous 
15. Threads 
16. Poliphilo 
17. Alive 
18. Reality Is My Plaything
CD2: Strange Thing
01. So The Story Continues
02. Inner Navigation 
03. Dragonfly Medicine 
04. Valencia Orange 
05. Eleven Wandering Mystics 
06. Bold Apparition
07. The Oz Factor 
08. Le Fetiche Du Toit 
09. The Jumbleberry Fiddlestick Folly 
10. Anthem For A Breakaway Civilisation
11. Beneath A Canopy Of Susurrant Stars 
12. Subterranean Empires 
13. Cryptic Terrestrials 
14. Also Sprach Die Kiwi
15. One Of The Weirdest Things Just Happened… 
16. Don’t Detune 
17. Solar Heart Connect 
18. Reality Is My Strange Thing