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Format: CD
Artist: Nataraja
CatNo: GEO-334
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Nataraja Spirit_At_Play_CD
Fusing the complexity of Indian Classical Music with the power and depth of the 4-piece psychedelic rock band, Naraja's music is based on the Ragas and compositions of North India which provide a springboard for group improvisation and new textures.
Jack Jennings, Andy Edwards, John Jowitt and electronic composer and modular synthesist Richard Charles Boxley (Wave Tenet) create a fresh Fusion soundscape that evokes the spirit of Jimi Hendrix crossed with Ravi Shankar and the Mahavishnu Orchestra.
CD in 6-panel gatefold digisleeve card wallet.
1) Raag Sarang - Soul Shard
2) Raag Jog - Ganges Delta
3) Spirit At Play
4) Raag Malkauns - Dark Sacred Night
5) Raag Hansadhwani - Vinayaka