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Artist: Mick Karn
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Each Path A Remix MP3 Download Mick Karn
A remix album based on tracks taken from Mick's powerfully inventive 5th solo album 'Each Eye A Path' (2001), which featured Mick on vocals and a variety of instruments as well as some typically tasteful contributions from Steve Jansen, who also mixed the album.
Subsequently approached by colleagues and friends expressing a wish to remix some of the tracks, Mick agreed, liking the results so much that other artists were then asked to contribute remixes of their favourite pieces from the album. 'Each Path A Remix' is the outcome.
Featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Torn, Richard Barbieri and others.
1. puppeteer night (mick karn/ david torn)
2. electric monkey (mick karn/ claudio chianura)
3. tfp (mick karn/ yoshihiro hanno)
4. hong kong mastock (mick karn/ paul wong)
5. knowledge suspended (mick karn/ claudio chianura)
6. re: nil (mick karn/ yoshihiro hanno)
7. angel's in the asylum (mick karn/ richard barbieri)
8. the never forgotten night we met the puppeteer (mick karn/ david torn)
9. big left (mick karn/ ryuichi sakamoto)

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