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Artist: Jakko M. Jakszyk
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Jakko M. Jakszyk Kingdom Of Dust mp3 download
Dating from 1994, Jakko M.Jakszyk's Kingdom Of Dust represented an accessible and melodic fusion of Pop sensibilities and Art Rock ambition that found Jakko working alongside the ever-inventive trio of Jansen, Barbieri and Karn (ex-Japan/Rain Tree Crow).
For this special download edition, all proceeds will be donated to the Mick Karn Appeal.
An extra track, Fly, has been included. Originally written at the time of the Kingdom Of Dust sessions, the piece has recently been completed by Jakko and Richard Barbieri especially for this release.
'Literate adult pop with more than a sprinkle of luscious art-rock atmosphere.' Misfit City
Last year the charming people at Burning Shed informed me that all the physical CD copies of 'Kingdom Of Dust' had sold out, and suggested making it available again as a download. Not being enamoured of the download concept and assuming there was little interest to justify a re-print, I declined this well meant offer.
As some of you may know, earlier this year Mick Karn was diagnosed with a terrible illness and subsequently a fund was set up to help both Mick and his family through this awful time. It seemed entirely appropriate, therefore, to release 'Dust'  as a download with all the proceeds going to Mick's appeal. 
I also wondered if we might somehow be able to include an extra track, as I remembered that many years back I had started work on a piece with Richard Barbieri. I managed to find it in the archive and reassembled what we'd done. I then added some new guitars and sent it to Richard for his approval. He came back with a number of suggestions. Adding to the rhythm parts and the suggestion of some editing. He also wondered if I might be able to turn this instrumental piece into a song. This is what we have done. 
A piece started around the time of the original 'Kingdom Of Dust' and completed many years later, it's simply entitled 'Fly' and adds an extra 6 minutes of music to the original mini album.
For my pal Mick. - Jakko 
1. The Hands of Che Guevera [JJ/R.Barbieri] (4:20) 
2. Drowining in My Sleep [JJ/S.Jansen] (4:12)
3. It's Only the Moon [JJ/R.Barbieri] (4:24)
4. The Judas Kiss [JJ/S.Jansen] (4:28)
bonus track:
5. Fly [R.Barbieri/JJ] (6:02)
Jakko M. Jakszyk (voc/g/etc.)
Richard Barbieri (kb/comp) 
Mick Karn (b) 
Steve Jansen (d/comp)