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Artist: Martin Grech
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Martin Grech The Heritage cd March of the Lonely
Critically lauded Maltese/English singer-songwriter Martin Grech returns with 'The Heritage', the first single taken from his forthcoming album, 'March Of The Lonely' (which will be officially released in June). 
Released on his own label, Martin Grech Songs (via, both musically and professionally the release of 'The Heritage' marks a bold step. After releasing two acclaimed albums on major labels, Martin has decided to take a resolutely independent route, preferring to be guided by his own needs and those of his fans, as opposed to the strictly commercial demands of the industry.  
It?s been five years since Martin Grech first entered the public consciousness, when his debut single, the haunting falsetto track 'Open Heart Zoo', was used by Lexus cars in a TV advertising campaign in 2002.  The track, written by Martin when he was only 19 years old, proved a sizable hit when released on Interscope through Island Records, and a debut album of the same name followed. Produced by Andy Ross, the album brought favourable comparisons with the intensity and vision of Radiohead, Talk Talk and Nine Inch Nails, and the dynamics and depth of Porcupine Tree and Jeff Buckley. 
In 2005, Martin Grech released his second album 'Unholy', which despite taking an altogether darker and more experimental turn - exploring themes such as insanity, death and heresy - met with even greater critical acclaim, being hailed in some quarters as one of the albums of the year. 
'The Heritage' presents a more stripped-down approach. Steeped in acoustic influences such as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Johnny Cash and Simon & Garfunkel, 'The Heritage' is the first taste from what will surely come to be regarded as Martin's most important work to date, 'The March Of The Lonely'. 
1. The Heritage
2. Ashes Over Embers
Total Time: 9:13