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Format: CD
Artist: Roger Eno
CatNo: BSHED0308
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cd roger eno anatomy

An exquisite companion piece to Fragile (Music), Roger Eno's Anatomy expands upon the spare, piano only, experiments of his previous album, with a series of instinctive and reflective keyboard instrumentals deploying delicate textures and his typically distinctive use of space.

1. the darkness silvers away
2. again with you
3. lights in the corner
4. almost drifting
5. reflection
6. stasis
7. where is the world
8. haunting
9. interior
10. shrine
11. night river
12. an illusion
13. out of focus
14. together
15. quietly
16. what's inside
17. a silver web
18. pattern
19. candle street
'In the main, the music that you hear on this disc is composed of collages. most of the pieces had no real direction to begin with. I started with a clue rather than a grand plan- it could have been an ostinato, a chord progression, or a brief melodic idea. I then left gaps to be filled later, or kept as spaces depending on the development of the track. It was a delightfully free way in which to work.
As I hinted, there are exceptions- ?reflection? and ?pattern? were originally scored solo piano pieces- the former written for a concert and the latter to be found in printed form (in the fand music publication ?notes to myself? under the directive title of ?not too slowly?). There are two or three others, I wonder if you can spot them. answers on a postcard please....
I enjoy the open, languid quality of this disc. I hope it fits into your life or would you rather leave a gap?'
Roger Eno, 2008