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Format: vinyl
Artist: Marillion
CatNo: SMALP982
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Double Vinyl Marillion com Marillion
A double vinyl edition of Marillion's eclectic studio outing from 1999.
One of the first of Marillion's innovative internet-based promotions, the band asked fans to send passport pictures of themselves over the web. 732 of these were then used to make up the artwork for  
5 of the 9 tracks (which span epic prog rock, pop and trip-hop styles) were mixed by Steven Wilson (Blackfield, No-Man, Porcupine Tree).
This new Madfish issue of the album is packed in a gatefold cover with printed inner sleeves.
Side A:
1. A Legacy
2. Deserve
3. Go
Side B:
4. Rich
5. Enlightened
6. Built In Bastard Radar
Side C:
7. Tumble Down The Years
8. House
Side D:
9. Interior Lulu