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Artist: Katatonia
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Tonights Decision Katatonia Peaceville cd
Tonight's Decision, Katatonia's debut release for Peaceville Records, was the band's fourth album and found the band further developing the more song-orientated style explored on their previous album Discouraged Ones.
Immediately heralded as a classic by fans, Tonight's Decision stylistically builds on the refined 'shoe-gazing' qualities of their previous album, while simultaneously exploring the more extreme sonic possibilities of the Katatonia sound. 
Jonas's growing interest in singer/songwriters is reflected in the album's sound, and wonderfully exemplified by the thoughtful and moving rendition of Jeff Buckley's Nightmares By The Sea.
The brilliant combination of Anders's haunting guitar work and Jonas's potent lyrics evokes images of urban decay and emotional turmoil in a way unique to this always searching band.
  1. For My Demons
  2. I Am Nothing
  3. In Death, A Song
  4. Had To (Leave)
  5. This Punishment
  6. Right Into The Bliss
  7. No Good Can Come Of This
  8. Strained
  9. A Darkness Coming
  10. Nightmares By The Sea
  11. Black Session (+ Secret Instrumental)
  12. No Devotion
  13. Fractured