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Format: CD
Artist: Karmamoi
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Karmamoi The Day Is Done CD
Italian band Karmamoi’s emotional and raw 2018 concept album features contributions from Colin Edwin, Geoff Leigh and others. 
The album revolves around the real life story of two Syrian boys, Omar and Mohammed, who fled from Syria in the war and found refuge in Britain. Mohammed died in the Grenfell Tower fire, his brother was unable to save him.
The Day Is Done is dedicated to the Grenfell Tower victims and all people fleeing from wars and hunger.
1. The Day Is Done (6'52”)
2. Take Me Home (8'47”)
3. Portrait of a Man (11'20”)
4. Getaway (7'43”)
5. Running Through the Lands (2'58”)
6. Your Name (8'50”)
7. Mother´s Dirge (10'50”)
8. Lost Voices (1'21”)
Daniele Giovannoni ( Drums, Keyboards and Backing Vocals )
Alex Massari ( Guitars and Backing Vocals )
Music By: Daniele Giovannoni
Lyrics By: Sara Rinaldi
Produced : Karmamoi and Mark Tucker
Strings on “ Your Name” and “ Getaway” arranged by Emilio Merone
Recorded by : MarK Tucker @ The Arc at the Abbey Street Recording Studio - Eynsham - ( UK )
Vox recorded @ Latte Più Studio - Rome - ( Italy ) by Gabriele Sorrentino
Mixed by Mark Tucker @ The Green Room Studios - ( UK )
Artwork by Valentina Credentino ( Photo by Pixabay )
Sara Rinaldi ( Main Vox )
Colin Edwin ( Bass ) on “Take Me Home”, “ Your Name” and “Mother's Dirge”
Geoff Leigh ( Flute ) on “Take Me Home”
Alessandro Cefalì ( Bass ) on “The Day is Done” , “Portrait of A Man”, “Getaway” and “Running Through the Lands”
Emilio Merone ( piano ) on “The Day Is Done” and keyboard solo on “Mother's Dirge”
Luca Uggias ( Piano ) on “ Take Me Home” and “ Portrait of a Man”
Lara Bagnati ( Flute ) on “The Day Is Done”
Valerio Sgargi ( Rap ) on "Mother's Dirge"